Banana dessert with kefir

Banana dessert with kefir

Banana is one of the most used fruits for making desserts. For this recipe, the banana will be the main ingredient along with yogurt. I think not quite a good combination? Wrong!


— 300 g low-fat yogurt
— 40 g of honey
— 2 ripe and soft banana

Banana dessert with kefir

1. Purified banana peel, put it in the pan. Need to crush the banana gently with a fork, so it was easy to grind with a mixer or blender.

2. In a blender, mix crushed banana, honey and pour the yogurt in there. The dessert requires no added sugar and is a very useful product, especially for Breakfast.

3. It was convenient to cut into pieces, pour the resulting mass in a mold and put in the cold.

Forget for 4 hours about our dish and all, banana dessert with kefir is ready!

Very tasty and easy! Dessert that won’t allow You to gain extra pounds.

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