Banana cake

Banana cake

gingerbread chocolate 600 grams
sour cream — 600 grams (20-30%)
sugar powder — 100 grams
bananas — 2 pieces

Banana cake


Prepare cake from cakes with bananas need gingerbread cut in half lengthwise, bananas cut into circles, sour cream mixed with powdered sugar, nuts crumble, but not too finely.

The bowl should be covered with cling film so that the edges hanging. Slices of carrot you need to dip in sour cream and lay on the bottom of the bowl, the gaps fill with debris sticks. The next layer you need to put the banana, it is another layer of cookies, then another layer of bananas, sprinkle with nuts. Last you need to put a layer of gingerbread. Layers can be more, depending on size and quantities of ingredients.

You can use other fruits. Nuts can be put more on each layer or not laying at all (to taste). With such a display of gingerbread like regular chocolate cakes with fragrant banana layer. If the carrot is densely covered with sour cream — cake get delicate. Be kept at room temperature for several hours , then remove in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours., flip onto a plate, remove the film.

When serving gingerbread cake with bananas, you can decorate with grated chocolate, cocoa or black pour melted chocolate. I sprinkled coconut flakes.

Bon appetit!

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