Azerbaijani kutaby

Azerbaijani kutaby

You will need: flour 2.5 cups, water 1 Cup, eggs 2 pieces, vegetable oil, butter, cottage cheese 300 g green onion 1 bunch, dill 1 bunch, parsley 1 bunch, salt.

Azerbaijani kutaby

How to do:

Sift the flour, add the eggs and water. Stir ingredients with spatula, grease hands with vegetable oil and knead a soft dough. Cover it with a towel or film. For the filling chop onions and greens. Then RUB the cheese with herbs, season with salt to taste.

You can prepare the filling in a blender or grind and mix with hand. Divide the dough into 10-12 pieces. Each piece of dough roll it out into a thin pancake. Lay half the bread stuffing. The edges of the dough to connect and sumipntg.

Kutaby fry in a pan with a little oil on medium heat from both sides for about 3 minutes or until Golden brown.

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