200 gr. frozen strawberries
150 gr. powdered sugar
15 gr. fast acting gelatin
Half lemon



Thawed strawberries. The juice obtained in the process of defrosting, keep, it’ll come in handy.

Using a blender or other improvised tools made of strawberries puree.

Add gelatin to the berries and give a little more to swell for two minutes. Now add the lemon juice, icing sugar and put on medium heat. Heat on the fire until the gelatin is completely dissolved. It should always be stirred and to ensure that the liquid does not boil.

Allow the mixture to cool and beat with a mixer 5-6 minutes. In the process of whipping the mixture should posvetlet, will increase in volume and become much thicker.

Staley form in which the dessert will be to stiffen the paper, and put it on our lot. Put the form in a cool place for several hours.

When strawberry dessert completely hardens, turn the form on a surface that has been pre-sprinkled with powdered sugar and get rid of the paper.

Cut dessert into cubes and once again coat it in powdered sugar.

Bon appetit!

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