Сocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween

Cocktail Goblin Mimosas for Halloween

Popular Halloween cocktails with black vodka. The recipe is one I will share. Black vodka tastes no different from plain white.

How to cook cocktail «Goblin Mimosas» for Halloween: 

Cocktail Goblin Mimosas for Halloween

1. Fresh orange juice pour into the glass.

2. Slowly using the spoon on orange juice pour the black vodka.

3. Two olives pitted nafarshiruyte mozzarella cheese. Cut from the third malinky «pupils» and insert the cheese.

Stuffed olive pinned to a long wooden stick and place on the glass. Nice!

By the way, black vodka (BlaVod) gives a natural dye extracted from acacia catechu. If you do not get to pour the vodka in the orange juice layer, then you will the green smoothie. And this, by the way, Halloween is also a great ride!

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